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Breast Reduction

It is a cosmetic procedure used to lower the size of the breasts. To contour the breast, the surgeon eliminates extra skin and tissues. Surgeon may shrink the areola, the darker flesh that surrounds the nipple.

Reason to seek Breast Reduction

Thousands of women have this operation each year. Every woman has her own reasons, but the following are some of the most common:

Breasts that are too heavy create discomfort.
Muscle and shoulder ache are caused by breasts that are larger than normal.
Shoulder marks caused by the bra’s straps being too tight.
Desire to have a more appealing appearance.
Having a hard time finding the correct cloth.
Desire to engage in physical activity.


The following are some of the advantages that women can gain from mammoplasty reduction:

Increasing the attractiveness of one’s breasts.
regaining self-assurance
Possibility of wearing any type of textile.
Participation in sports activities is unrestricted.
Getting rid of continual humiliation
regaining one’s self-assurance
Back pain should be reduced.
Muscle and shoulder soreness are no longer an issue.
Swimwear options are more varied.


This operation, like any other cosmetic procedure, comes with inherent hazards. The details of these difficulties can be found here.

The scar is visible and permanent, however it may fade with time.
Sensation loss in the nipples and breasts (temporary or permanent).
Breast-feeding is difficult after surgery, yet some women are able to do so.
Nipples or breasts that are not evenly spaced.
The blood flow to the breast is rarely harmed.


Breast reduction assists ladies in achieving a firmer, smaller, more proportional, and lighter bra. This procedure provides women with a tremendous deal of joy and comfort. They have a significant increase in self-assurance. This operation allows people to be free of physical discomfort and pain. This Mammoplasty reduction has a long-term effect. Pregnancy and weight increase, however, have an impact on these results.

Breast reduction surgery has been described by several women as a “life-changing experience.”

Practical Information
4.5 hours
General anaesthesia
1-night stay is usually required
2 weeks to go back to work
Sleep facing up during the first month, rest as much as you can specially in the first week, do not perform strenuous activities, take antibiotics and pain killers as prescribed and wear the surgical bra for 1 moth.